Strategic Cash flow and Budget

Gordon Frasier CPA assists Companies with Master Budgets which consists of many separate interdependent budgets within the organization. We consider your companies Industry-specific situation and help you to restructure your budget to suit the company’s cash flows moving in and out. FASB requires the Statement of Cash flow, which we prepare.


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Terms and Conditions.

Subject: Preparation Personal and Company Tax Returns.

Thank you for Choosing Gordon Frasier CPA & Company Inc. to assist Preparation of your Personal and Company Tax Returns. These Terms and Conditions confirm the terms of engagement and outline the nature and extent of the services we will provide.

Federal and state income tax returns will be carried out according to the accounting conduct, rules, regulations and government policies that govern the industry best standards.
In order to prepare, complete accurate returns the responsibility and onus to supply the correct information remains with the taxpayer.

We may ask you to clarify some items but will not audit or otherwise verify the data submitted.
We will perform accounting services only as needed to prepare the tax returns, for an additional charge.

Our work will not include procedures to find defalcations or other irregularities.
Accordingly, our engagement should not be relied upon to disclose errors, fraud, or other illegal acts, though it may be necessary for you to clarify some of the information submitted.

Please Note:

The law imposes penalties when taxpayers underestimate their tax liability. Please call us if there are any concerns about such penalties.

Should we encounter instances of unclear tax law or potential conflicts in the interpretation of the law, we will outline the reasonable courses of action and the risk and consequences of each. We will ultimately adopt, on behalf of you, the alternative selected by yourself.

Our fee will be based on the time required at standard billing rates per hour negotiable. We do not travel. Our services are offered both on and off line. When the deposit is depleted should our services be extended, we require the same deposit amount.

We will return the original records to you at the end of this year’s engagement. These records, along with all supporting documents, cancelled checks, etc., should be securely stored, as these items may later be needed to prove accuracy and completeness of a return. We will retain copies of the Tax Return and our working papers of the engagement for two years, in a secure cloud dropbox after which these documents will be deleted.

Our engagement to prepare the tax returns will conclude with the delivery of the completed returns to you (if paper-filing) or with the tax matters partner’s signature and our subsequent submittal of the tax return (if e-filing). We will require an E-signature after you have reviewed the Tax Forms for e-filing. If you have not elected to e-file the returns with our office, you will be solely responsible to file the returns with the appropriate taxing authorities.

By submitting your application for an Estimate you accept and agree to these terms and conditions. Please also read our Privacy Policy at the footer of this website.