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TAX preparation and returns always brings that sinking feeling to the pit of your belly. State and Federal Tax’s are obligatory. At Gordon Frasier CPA & Company Inc, we are experts in our field of Tax, Accounting and Business Advisory. Using the latest technology and being members of professional organizations, we are up to date with the latest Tax compliance, policies and procedures. Our strategy is to assist you to maximize your cash-flow and limited your risk as we guide you through your Tax planning and Tax Preparation to ensure they are correctly completed with no fuss or hassle. Our Loan, savings

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Tax Filling Deadlines?

The tax filing deadline for individuals is April 15th. If an extension is filed, the final tax deadline for is October 15th.


Missed tax deadines?

Delaying a tax return is not recommended. If you delay or miss the filing deadline, it’s best to file as quickly as possible. In order to get an extension, you must fill out Form 4686, Application for Automatic Extension of Time US Individual Tax Return. There are special conditions for individuals living abroad or serving in a combat zone.


My tax filing status?

If you are interested in checking the status of your tax filing, you must contact the IRS or Gordon Frasier CPA & Company Inc. will help you with this process.


Professional VS Software?

Proper tax preparation begins with accurate records of an individual’s financial transactions over the course of the previous year. Our accountants are trained to prepare and file our clients taxes efficiently and effectively and will find different tax advantages that you otherwise might not know about.


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