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Pandemic 2020 and how we have changed

Covid-19 Pandemic 2020…life as we know has changed, we all have been changed. We will forever refer to life as BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER when talking about Covid-19. Before the pandemic struck and our government mandated the “Safer at Home” order, life was hectic, but it was our routine. How did we know that this would last as long as it has?

Life changed, and we were forced to adapt to a “new normal.” Once upon a time, we loathed commuting in traffic, long lines to order food was tedious, bustling offices and crowded school hallways were an inconvenience. And now all of it has gone away. Our kids were expected to adjust to distance learning overnight. Many seniors missed out on the last few months of high school experience like senior prom and other senior grad activities, including graduation…CANCELED. All sports activities…CANCELED. Concerts, theme parks, beach outings, large gatherings…CANCELED. It felt and still sometimes feels as if life itself has been canceled. The immediate effects have altered our everyday life. We have conformed to creating new habits. We have become a mask and glove-wearing, constant handwashing and sanitation population, and we have learned to distance ourselves by at least 6 feet from one another. It is strange to think how in the past, a crisis would bring people closer together, yet today we instead are obligated to keep our distance from one another.

To facilitate the new normal, we have increased our online presence in all aspects of our lives and for the next generation too. Our kids are attending school via distance learning. Our careers have been moved to a more digital presence; we remote into our offices to conduct ZOOM meetings. Our banking is done online, we shop online, and we can even have virtual doctor appointments.

We at Gordon Frasier CPA and Associates realize the importance of adapting to this, “New Normal” and still providing the best service for our clients online. We recognize and anticipate our clients’ needs and are here to assist our clients with personal taxes, company taxes, and accounting. We can advise on financial debt, PC consulting, and computer training. In strict compliance with the Covid-19 safety protocol, we require masks and social distancing guidelines for any in-person meetings. If you feel more comfortable, we also provide our clients with virtual assistance over the phone or online.

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