Gordon Frasier CPA & Company Inc will prepare Federal and State tax returns, but the onus is on the client to provide complete, correct, and accurate information for us to complete all the necessary Tax forms. Gordon Frasier CPA & Company Inc will not audit or otherwise verify the data submitted, but may ask questions about the data, and may require documentation or explanation, Please see our required document/information upload list below. Gordon Frasier CPA & Company Inc will only perform the accounting services necessary to prepare tax returns, which does not include procedures to expose defalcations, irregularities, fraud, or illegal acts. Accounting and bookkeeping is an additional charge for that service.

If taxpayers underestimate their tax liabilities, the IRS imposes penalties.  If there are any concerns regarding these penalties, call Gordon Frasier CPA & Company Inc.

If we encounter instances of unclear Tax Law or potential conflicts in the interpretation of that law, we will outline the reasonable course of action and the risk and consequences of each.


Our fee is $120 an hour, in addition to the initial retainment fee. Additional charges apply for lengthy phone calls.  Our tax preparation retainer fee is laid out in this site per LLC Company Federal Tax and California State Tax return, there may be additional charges where tax preparation may require more time and experience.

Upon acceptance of our service, we require a retainer deposit.  If it is necessary to extend our services and retainer funds are depleted, we will send an additional invoice to satisfy and complete the final work done.


Upon completion of the tax forms, we return any original records and documents to you for safekeeping.  These items may be required at a later date to prove the accuracy and completeness of the return.  We retain copies of the tax return and our working papers of the engagement for one year in a secure cloud dropbox, after which we will delete the contents of the box.


We can only e-file and will require an e-signature once you have reviewed the tax forms.  We do not file by paper; only submit taxes to the authorities by e-file and e-signature.